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Friday, 25 November 2011


Job Description: This position is responsible for driving the design and development of our hotels websites through continuous innovation, to educate and inform our Web visitors, improve SEO/SEM. and successfully project brand. Also, manage search engine marketing campaigns and work with clients to develop a marketing strategy. Understand the functions of the internet, be able to analyze website traffic, establish, monitor, and update social media sites as it pertains to the hotel industry, and recommend new marketing opportunities using innovative techniques.
- Develop annual marketing plan in conjunction with the hotel sales department, which details activities to follow during the fiscal year, and will focus on meeting organizational objectives.
-Developing and implementing a company-wide "go-to-market" plan; working with all departments
-simultaneously managing multiple search engine marketing campaigns.                      
-Monitor hotel rankings on TPI's
-Monitor Guest Reviews on Internet sites, about the company's hotels.
-Researching, analyzing, and recommending new marketing opportunities
-Initiating new techniques to improve marketing results
-Developing, monitoring, and reporting on PPC and paid inclusion programs.
-Providing recommendations for site improvements.
-Working closely with our hotel's Sales, General Managers and Revenue Managers.
-Implement link building strategies to drive SEO Rankings.
-Build and maintain monthly SEO programs to continuously optimize ecommerce website and improve natural search rankings.
-Developing marketing messages and partnering with internal web designers and producers to prepare Creative
-Directing landing page modifications and enhancements to improve website conversion for campaigns
Job Requirements: Job Requirements: - Minimum 3 years of specific internet marketing experience and/or specialized BS degree in the hospitality industry. Must have a proven and verifiable record of accomplishments (ranking reports)
-Robust knowledge of the ever-changing internet marketing landscape.
- Proficient in conducting research online beyond major search engines.
-Working knowledge of Excel,Word.
basic knowledge of HTML
-Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
-Superior attention to detail
-Excellant interpersonal and writing skills
-Must be familiar with statistics and math
-Willingness to travel and work in a global team of professionals
-Proven ability to oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities
-Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.                            APPLY NOW

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